Free supplies and services are available at the Hotel

Not only the bathroom accessories, the hotel also offers many other free services for guests as well.

Do not think only when renting VIP rooms, or luxury hotels, expensive, guests can enjoy the good free service. In fact, according to the regulations of the hotel industry or depending on the hotel, there are always more than free supplies and services for you, know in advance to take advantage of, tailored to individual needs!

1. Phone charger device

In case of forgotten charger or charger unexpectedly damaged. Don't worry, most hotels are available to lend a number of phone chargers, from popular ones to special lines like iPhones. Just go to the front desk and ask, staff will be happy to give you the appropriate charger.

2. Hair dryer

Many visitors always carry a heavy dryer although the suitcase is too tight. Most hair dryers are available. If not in the room, guests can ask hotel staff to lend.

3. Hairdressing tools

In addition to the dryer, some hotels also prepare curling machines, straighteners ... all styles and brands for female guests. Therefore, if you do not want to go out with messy hair, please ask!

4. Iron

Like hairdressing kits, some hotels are also willing to lend guests an iron for flat irons when needed. In addition, some places also have a private ironing room, complete with necessary items. Please contact the receptionist if you need to use.

5. Children's toys

This service is definitely very helpful for families with young children. If you go away but do not want to bring a toy bag, you can call the hotel in advance to prepare some toys in the baby's room.

6. Oh

Umbrellas can be shortened without saying anything, but with long umbrellas, carrying in luggage is quite inconvenient. Don't worry, the hotel has free umbrellas available for guests.

7. Extra pillows

If you are a sleeper who needs 4 surrounding pillows, the hotel is still happy to prepare for you. Their purpose is that you have the most comfortable accommodation, if you need it, please recommend it to the receptionist or room cleaner!

8. Mineral water, tea bag and coffee

At most hotels in the world, even budget hotels always give you two free bottles of mineral water every day. You can easily find them in the fridge, on the coffee table or near the cupboard in the bathroom. Besides, at the mini bar, you can also use free coffee and tea bags.

9. Sewing needle thread set

This is also a free item often available in hotels to help tenants deal with urgent cases of buttoned clothes that are dislodged, some that just slip off or need to be used for certain other purposes. This kit can be placed neatly in the bathroom or at the bedside dressing table. However, if you cannot find it, you can call the receptionist to ask for help.

10. Towels, robes, and sun loungers

When staying at 3-star and above hotels with a swimming pool or near the ocean, guests are allowed to borrow slippers, towels, bathrobes and use the sun loungers for free throughout the property. of the hotel. Therefore, visitors absolutely do not need to bring heavy towels on the trip because the hotel has provided it all!

11. Types of travel guide books, brochures and maps

If you want to explore the surroundings but don't know where to go, head down to the lobby and look for brochures located near the reception area for reference. The receptionist can also give you information on places to play, eat and drink as well as send you free travel "tips" and maps.


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